Press release

A warm welcome! Dillinger Hütte and Saarstahl welcome 140 new trainee

31 August 2015

Today, the training year begins at Saarstahl and Dillinger Hütte for a total of 140 young people.

At the official welcome, Peter Schweda, Labour Director and Member of the Management Board responsible for Human Resources at Dillinger Hütte and Saarstahl greeted the trainees saying “We wish you great success and all the best for the start of your working lives” and he continued: “For you, it is the start of a new phase in your lives, after all, training is also the beginning of a career and of a self-determined life but, for us too, today is a very special day: you are an important factor in the innovation and progress of our company and you can be assured that Saarland´s steel industry provides the best conditions for successful training.”

Dillinger Hütte is hiring 65 trainees this year including 4 in the commercial field and 61 in the technical field. As part of training for the overall group, 14 trainees from other companies are doing occupational training at Dilllinger Hütte. In addition, 14 interns from specialized technical secondary schools and 24 interns from universities are gaining an initial insight into business practices within the company. 

A total of 75 trainees are starting at Saarstahl: 9 in the commercial field and 66 in the technical-industrial field including 10 at the Neunkirchen location. Moreover, 2 retrainees complete their training in the commercial field of Saarstahl. In addition there are 13 trainees from other companies as part of training within the overall group. 12 youngsters are participating in the measure to facilitate entry into a profession which is offered in cooperation with Saarland´s steel foundation “Stahlstiftung Saarland”. Furthermore, 20 interns from specialized technical secondary schools are starting training courses in the company. Saarstahl also employs 20 interns from university.

With a total of 21 female trainees, the quota of women remains on a stable level. For many years now, the steel industry in Saarland has relied on its own strong base of young specialized trainees and it is one of the most important training companies in the region. Taking all training years into account, 250 trainees are currently in employment. The range of training offered comprises around 15 occupations from construction and process mechanics through mechatronics technicians to laboratory chemists.

Dillinger Hütte and Saarstahl offer training that is geared towards requirements and generally take on the trainees on completion of their training.