Centre for the manufacture of wire rod – Rolling mill Burbach

The rolling mill, Burbach, the centre of wire-rod production, is also located on the Saar. Its four-strand wire rod mill with a dimensional range of between five and twenty millimetres is one of the leading facilities. For this reason, Burbach, with its broad range of products, is one of the leading manufacturers of drawing qualities in the world. 550 employees produce up to 1.2 million tonnes of wire rod here per year that has been awarded prizes on numerous occasions by renowned tyre manufacturers.

  • Capacity: 1,2000,000 tonnes / year

  • Fully continuous, 76 stands (of which 4 x 10-stand finishing blocks)

  • Stelmor cooling

  • Computer-aided material flow tracking and process management

  • Eddy current test for surface defects (hot wire test)

  • Diameter measurement with laser diameter

  • Coil weights: min. 1,000 kg; max. 3,000 kg

  • Barcode labelling

  • Signode strapping of the wire coils


Saarstahl Werk Burbach

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