Environmental protection

Questions of energy generation, energy consumption and climate protection are closely related to the globalised economy as well as to the principle of sustainability in its ecological, economic and social dimension. For Saarstahl AG, it is therefore essential that high priority is given to environmental protection in the company policy.

The environmental protection department advises all areas of the operation in environmental questions and deals with the topics of emission control, CO2 emission trading, protection of water, waste management and recycling, dangerous substances, environmental and safety management and Saarstahl's own disposal sites. The environmental and safety management system ensures that statutory regulations are adhered to and that a process of continuous improvement is maintained. With new marketing strategies for residual material from within the works, we are drawing up a concept for new applications and thus making a valuable contribution to the conservation of resources. Targeted training of employees anchor a high sense of responsibility for the environmental effects of their activities. This approach makes it possible to have objective and open communication with the authorities and the general public. The objective here is to have preventive measures and future-oriented strategies in order to ensure sustainable and resource-efficient production.


Abteilung Umweltschutz

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